Event Management Software

Not just a security management system, but a security framework that can be adapted to your needs (as opposed to you adapting to our product)

An open architecture software platform that integrates anything and everything

  • Converges information from all hardware and software solutions so you get a comprehensive view of your security with the reporting that you want and need

  • Manages security for one building or multiple buildings at multiple sites. It can also provide individual security to each of your workers, including lone workers.

The first security system to integrate all major intelligent mobile devices

Operational continuity
eFusion extends the life of your existing security systems. It integrates the old to the new as well as providing a seamless integration with the next generation of systems and sensors.

Adaptive solutions
You do not need to adapt to eFusion; it adapts to you. It is easy to implement and you need to implement only what you need when you need it.

Investment protection
You no longer have to strip out existing infrastructure when implementing new technology. eFusion turns your current infrastructure into a smart and open infrastructure and extends the useful life of your existing investments.

Reduced costs
The eFusion single integrated display results in more efficient use of security and security-related personnel throughout the organization.

You don’t need to make investments in software, infrastructure or training that are not required to meet your immediate objectives – without, in any way, limiting your ability to do so in the future, when your needs change.

eFusion allows you to use existing networks and economically run IP networks wherever appropriate and can integrate a world of innovative wireless sensors.

The bigger picture
eFusion allows you to see the bigger picture, make more informed decisions, share information throughout the organization and respond quicker to events, while cutting your security costs dramatically.




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