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Bluewaters Island Dubai opts for  full systems integration with eFusion

Bluewaters Island Dubai opts for full systems integration with eFusion

June 13 2019

Download The Bluewaters Island Dubai Case Study Here

Dubai’s newest tourism hotspot, Bluewaters Island opened in November 2018. The USD$1.6bn project was completed by Meraas Holdings over five years and is expected to attract more than 3 million visitors annually. This high specification development comprises four luxury residential complexes, a landmark Caesars Palace hotel, a shopping mall and the world’s largest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, as its centrepiece. Bluewaters Island looks certain to become one of Dubai’s top tourist destinations. 


With such a vibrant and varied site to operate, the customer wanted to find the most efficient way to integrate all major security, safety and building management functions, streamlining a very large system which would include more than 1820 cameras and 736 card readers. The priority was to identify a single solution that would be easy to use, inexpensive to maintain, and robust going forwards. 

The customer also wanted the option to mix and match the best technology from different manufacturers and to be able to add functions in the future as new technologies become available. Following a sector comparison Maxxess eFusion technology was identified as providing the best fit and Omnix International was chosen as one  of the lead systems integrators for the project.

Priorities Included:

  • Integrated control of all access, room management, surveillance, fire detection and building control functions
  • Easy installation and set-up within tight construction project timescales
  • Remote management across the various island locations from a central location
  • System flexibility, ease of use and a single situational view
  • Integration of front-of-house and back-of-house functions
  • Use of RFID escutcheons for doors to minimise cabling
  • Ability to easily track and replace key cards in use
  • Simple, intuitive programming and operation
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Compliant audit-trails and reporting 
  • Future-proofing, scalability and easy upgrade paths.



The eFusion security management platform was chosen by Bluewaters, instead of a more costly or complex conventional PSIM solution, because it uses versatile, open-technology software. eFusion offers the advantages of a modular, building block approach and gives maximum freedom to integrate, customise and adapt security systems to meet both current needs and emerging risks. 

Thanks to its compatibility with leading surveillance,  intruder, access and fire detection systems, eFusion  proved to be a highly efficient integration technology  for the Bluewater project, including:

Door Access: the eFusion platform includes full integration with an AssaAbloy Vingcard system securing more than  700 doors. It allows a unified system approach, with a  single enrolment protocol for both front- and back-of-house  access. The solution enables centralised management  of room safes, mini-bars and cupboards, and for control  of all alarm transactions.

Intercom: eFusion integration with the Zenitel Stantaphone IP Intercom System ensures that video and transaction data is called-up automatically in the Bluewaters control room as soon as any user press a call button. For maximum efficiency, the system allows the operator to unlock doors and communicate with the user remotely, with full activity logs kept for audit.

Surveillance: with easy integration to the SeeTec Video Management software and NVRs, eFusion allows seamless control of 1800-plus Hikvision and Hanwha cameras. In addition, cameras are linked to the door access system, with video pop-up triggered by pre-defined events. The solution also gives the operators complete PTZ control, playback and video functionality.

Building Management Systems: integration with BACnet™ allows control of alarms from the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning control (HVAC) control as well as lighting.

ID Badging: the eFusion platform incorporates a complete and operational efficient ID/badging module to manage the onboarding and offboarding of hundreds of staff and contractors working on the island.


Despite the huge scale of the project, the unified eFusion management solution was delivered as promised within the Bluewaters construction timescale, ensuring easy operation for the security, safety and building management control teams. For maximum efficiency there is no need  to switch between different management systems and the eFusion  platform is easy to work with, allowing full benefit from integration with individuals systems. The eFusion platform is based on technology that delivers robust, reliable performance, as well as being fully scalable  as needs change the future.


“The eFusion security management platform linked seamlessly all Bluewaters chosen technologies and worked perfectly from the start.  It now let’s staff control and manage all security, safety and building systems very easily, and has taken the complexity out  of the island’s operations.” - Mr Henry Azoury, Senior Security Design & Engineering Manager, Omnix International.