Today’s most effective security solutions are dynamic, with the ability to adapt and evolve in response to rapidly changing environments, threats, procedures and requirements.


eFusion, is our award-winning security management software. It’s built on an open, modular framework that allows businesses the freedom to choose the best equipment and configurations for their particular needs whether they operate as a single-site or in a widely distributed IP-connected enterprise environment.

Maxxess InSite

Maxxess InSite is a new type of security solution that helps prevent incidents from becoming major issues. It increases visibility into your organizations current and potential issues by combining both technical and human intelligence. Maxxess InSite is a complete security solution that combines the machine intelligence of physical security, a traditional static security system, with the human intelligence of a managed mobile staff communication system into an integrated solution to meet your dynamic security requirements.

Maxxess Virtual Panic Button

Maxxess Virtual Panic Button provides a communication link for personnel to notify the correct people, first responders and other third parties during an emergency or critical event, improving response to these issues in real-time. A panic button can be as close as your mobile device or desktop keyboard when you need it.


ambit is a patented, leading-edge technology and two-way, private, managed messaging service that brings a broader, more personal and intuitive level of security to today’s modern workforce both inside and away from the workplace. ambit uses the power and versatility of smart mobile devices to connect an organization to its employees, wherever they are located. Its Cloud-based message management environment allows the messaging service to be used in many ways adding valuable, cost-effective and time-saving benefits for not only the security and risk management teams, but across every level of the enterprise.