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Maxxess InSite is a new type of security solution that helps prevent incidents from becoming major issues. It increases visibility into your organizations current and potential issues by combining both technical and human intelligence. Maxxess InSite is a complete security solution that combines the machine intelligence of physical security, a traditional static security system, with the human intelligence of a managed mobile staff communication system into an integrated solution to meet your dynamic security requirements.


A Complete Security Solution

Maxxess InSite combines the machine intelligence of physical security, a traditional static security system, with the human intelligence of a managed mobile staff communication system into an integrated solution to meet your dynamic security requirements.

Add Security While Maintaining an Open Environment

With the physical security portion of Insite you can add cameras, door locks and other products that help an open environment in fixed locations. The human intelligence portion of Maxxess InSite allows an organization to spread their sensors wide, improving security while maintaining the open environment that your people strive in.

A Sense of Community

With the human intelligence security you create a sense of community where your people have an affiliation with the organization. The see it say it application and mobile app duress button enable your people to always have access to the security they’re receiving since they’re a major part of it.

A New Audit Trail

We store all transactions creating an audit trail which is works as a learning tool and as a mitigation to litigation. Organizations may run reports on any filter as they see fit. Gaining this business intelligence enables an organization to fill security and operational gaps.

Operational Efficiency

Security systems are not just used for security anymore. Since security is required for every department, the operational requests application can be used as the cornerstone for operational improvement.


Maxxess InSite adapts to your organization. The system tracks all transactions, so your security grows seamlessly as requirements, laws and technologies change. The addition of  features like IPS and Hot Key App is important to customizing the system to your organizations structure

Organizational Knowledge

The situational awareness dashboard is a competitive differentiator. Turn raw information into organizational narratives. Only by combining traditional security sensors with flexible, mobile human sensors can you gain the knowledge you need for true security.



Maxxess InSite Exclusive Features

Maxxess InSite delivers multiple unique benefits including:

  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Situational Awareness Dashboard: Quick assessment of any situation
  • Supports IoT and IoP (Internet of People)
  • Connect your best sensors through 2-way communication with your people
  • See it Say it Application for Security issues
  • Operational Requests App (Assign work tasks)
  • Mobile Application Duress Button
  • Push notification and email on alarm, designated system event , potential disruptions and issues
  • Data collaboration
  • SSL and 128-bit data encryption module
  • Mobile Access to Doors
  • Heat maps of activity

Standard Features

  • Enterprise-class private messaging mobile application
  • Enterprise-class security management system
  • Web & Mobile Browser Based System Interface
  • Full featured access control, alarm management, and interactive graphical floor plan
  • Check-in function
  • Voice annunciation with action messages on alarm
  • Full featured report generation with more than 150 pre-defined reports
  • Multi-language support
  • Global input/output control and linking
  • Supports FIPS-compliant cards and card readers
  • Real-time personal security
  • Open architecture
  • Geo-Location Technology
  • Integration to most third-party systems (video, intrusion, fire, etc.)

Maxxess InSite Exclusive Optional Features

  • Indoor Positioning System (IPS)
  • Map Overlay of floor plans
  • Hot Key Application

Other Optional Features

  • ViewPoint video system integration
  • Generic Integrator for custom third-party integration
  • Photo ID badging
  • Redundant file servers
  • Data integration services (Active Directory, Cashless Vending, SQL Database, File)
  • Integrator for intrusion detection panels – Ademco, Bosch, DMP, Scantronics, Honeywell, others
  • Integration for fire detection panels – Notifier, Gent, Siemens, others
  • eBuilding building management integration
  • eTour (guard tour)
  • RemotePoint wireless card readers
  • License plate recognition
  • Inovonics wireless sensor integration
  • Database query integration allows event integration to third-party databases
  • Elevator Destination Dispatch Integrator – Otis, Schindler
  • Automatic import/export of data

Installation and Support:

Maxxess InSite is installed and maintained by accredited system integrators. It is backed with full professional customer care and support from our global network of certified security integrators, offering a range of services from system design and implementation to remote monitoring. 


Our pricing structures are simple and transparent with no unexpected costs or recurring integration fees. Contact Maxxess for a quote.

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