Maxxess Virtual Panic Button


As close as your mobile phone or keyboard when you need it

Maxxess Virtual Panic Button Solution is versatile, fast and easy to implement, and extremely affordable – less than $100 for each virtual panic button!

A panic button can be as close as your mobile device or desktop keyboard when you need it. This innovative solution enables panic alerts from anywhere using existing devices, including:

  • Any smart device, tablet and phone
  • Any PC keyboard on the network
  • Any hardwired or wireless panic button
  • Any wearable device (e.g., a pendant)

Personnel Health and Safety

Maxxess Virtual Panic Button provides a communication link for personnel to notify the correct people, first responders and other third parties during an emergency or critical event, improving response to these issues in real-time.

Improve response times and situational awareness by equipping all personnel with Maxxess Virtual Panic Button as close as a mobile phone or keyboard.
Personnel and First Responders can respond to panic alerts from a desktop or mobile device using a highly intuitive user interface.
Interactive maps and GPS technology provide up to the minute location information from panic users.
It’s difficult to anticipate emergencies and critical events – Maxxess Virtual Panic Button Solution provides early alerts when every second matters.

Fully Integrated & Customizable Panic Solution

Maxxess Virtual Panic Button can activate emergency alert systems including access control, marquees, PA Systems, 2-way smart radios, mass notification systems and more.
Use geofencing to limit panic button activation to site(s) to prevent false positives.
All panics and information are logged for reporting.
Maxxess Virtual Panic Solution can be customized and automated to fit your organizations policies and procedures.


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