Data Centers

Data centers are both easier and more difficult to secure than other facilities. Instead of securing large numbers of people, the task is to protect assets and track visitors as they enter and exit the center.

The Challenge

  • Make rarely visited areas more secure. Maintain an open feeling, with a tight security structure for visitors and consultants
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Provide LDAP and role-based access control for the enterprise
  • Implement a scalable controller architecture
  • Solution must be able to be partitioned
  • Leverage, when required, extensive third-party system integrations
  • Institute a see something, say something culture
  • Protect data center assets 
  • Minimize conflicts and cost of litigation
  • Maintain a consistent set of policies and procedures
  • Develop a crisis management plan 
  • Timely access to actionable information

Access Control and Other Challenges:

  • Extend access control throughout the data center in a cost-effective manner
  • Integrate with other security and non-security systems 
  • Improve tracking of security and security in remote areas

The Maxxess Solution:

Extend access control throughout the facility easily and cost-effectively

Maxxess provides cost-effective access control administration and management to the entire facility--including often unsecured interior doors, remote doors, medicine storage areas, lockers, server cabinets and padlocks--without the need to add wiring or expensive wireless infrastructure or compromise functionality.

Most data centers do not include all doors on secure access control systems because of the high cost of implementation and installation. Maxxess has the capability to add these doors at a significantly lower cost via the integration of our eFusion security management platform to the SALTO Data on Card Virtual Network system.

This integration provides a virtual network that uses the ID credential to store the cardholder’s door access permissions and eliminates the need to add expensive wireless infrastructure or hard-wire the access control system to every door and reader.

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Integrate with other security and non-security systems:

Outlined here is a representative sample of integrations that Maxxess has implemented using its eFusion universal security management platform:

Integration of access control, time and attendance, ID badging, fire alarm and video to protect the site.

Real-time control of the center and all personnel. Individual tracking systems that manage people entering and exiting. We record who visits a cabinet and whether or not they are authorized to do so. Monitoring of building management systems, including air conditioning and power to the servers.

Implementation of motion detectors located in the server to notify owners of forced entry or unauthorized access.

We have integrated server access to aisle lights.

We integrate to Active Directory and provide LDAP and role-based access control for the data center.

We provide support for multi-protocol systems.

We improve overall safety and security by helping anyone in the organization institute a see something, say something culture and giving them timely access to actionable information.

Our database solution can be partitioned allowing the end-user to manage a specific area within the data center.

We developed dual-access control systems, in which the second system controls an area where the data center owner wants to establish special access permissions for entry into that area.

Monitoring of visitor time on site and expiry of links to contracts. We flag any unauthorized visitor.

We provide controls to limit the number of visitors in the data center area.

Our solution is scalable from one to multiple datacenters globally.

Improve tracking and security in remote areas with our patented, powerful tools.

Maxxess ambit system harnesses a data center visitor’s understanding, experience and all of the human senses to make observations, choices and decisions about any situation that they encounter, including anticipating danger.

ambit offers situational awareness, collective intuition, greater incident anticipation and the possibility of pre-emptive response.

ambit empowers your employees and creates a sense of community.

With ambit, every staff member can communicate and see something, say something.

It also allows the organization to provide a shared awareness and perspective of a current important situation with mobile staff, enabling rapid and accurate response to all security situations.

ambit extends the enterprise’s security reach beyond the bounds of the facility, dramatically increasing the security coverage throughout the organization, including remote facilities.

The ambit technology opens up a whole new sphere of safety and security intelligent sensing. 

ambit provides heat maps of all staff activity that provides a clear view of workforce activity quickly and intuitively. Conversely staff can use ambit to report robberies, confrontations or other emergency situations within the facility.

ambit helps the organization maintain a consistent set of policies and procedures. Its audit trail function protects the organization and minimizes costs of litigation.

Best of all ambit does not require any new infrastructure and provides for customer privacy.