Hospitals and healthcare operations typically are large facilities with complex infrastructure, often with multiple buildings and varying degrees of access control needs and requirements. These businesses can face the same types of threats and security issues inherent in a small city and require an integrated and manageable approach to security.

The Challenge:

  • Maintain an open environment and feeling within a tight security structure
  • Comply with all laws including HIPAA privacy
  • Maintain a consistent set of policies and procedures
  • Minimize costs of litigation
  • Institute a see something, say something culture
  • Cross all boundaries of care settings from in-hospital to home care
  • Timely access to actionable information
  • Know status of patient’s course of care, in between visits, when he or she cannot physically be in front of a clinician
  • Establish a process for sharing analytics in an accessible manner, with the ability to track key processes across time, and location
  • Rigorous monitoring

Access Control and Other Challenges:

  • Extend access control throughout the facility in a cost-effective manner
  • Integrate with other hospital systems and 
  • Improve security in the many open areas typically found in a large healthcare facility or complex

The Maxxess Solution:

Extend access control throughout the facility easily and cost-effectively

Maxxess provides cost-effective access control administration and management to the entire facility--including often unsecured interior doors, remote doors, medicine storage areas, lockers, server cabinets and padlocks--without the need to add wiring or expensive wireless infrastructure or compromise functionality.

Most hospital and healthcare facilities do not include all doors on secure access control systems because of the high cost, which can run $2,500 or more per door “plus cable & labor.” Maxxess has the capability to add these doors at a significantly lower cost, as low as $400/reader. 

We accomplish this via the integration of our eFusion security management platform to the SALTO Data on Card Virtual Network system.

This integration provides a virtual network that uses the ID credential to store the cardholder’s door access permissions and eliminates the need to add expensive wireless infrastructure or hard-wire the access control system to every door and reader.

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Integrate with other hospital systems:

Outlined here is a representative sample of integrations that Maxxess has implemented using its eFusion universal security management platform:

  • Wherever hospitals have radioactive isotopes or medications, such as those commonly used in cancer care or research, the US government has mandated a level of safety and security. Sandia labs was assigned by the government to define and oversee this radiation protection. Maxxess was one of the first security companies to meet the Sandia requirements.
  • Maxxess instituted a system to ensure that only those with designated clearance have access to radioactive material. The access control is linked to a video system for audit information.
  • eFusion integrates to child abduction systems and if an alarm is generated the system can be programmed to comply with hospital policy as to who can egress the facility during the lock-down phase.
  • Maxxess systems are integrated to machinery to monitor that the machines are working correctly. Should a failure occur, the system would generate an email to the maintenance staff.
  • We also monitor cleaning of machines and rooms by using RFID stickers to ensure cleaning schedules are maintained and only authorized personnel can remove machinery.
  • eFusion integrates with motion sensing cameras to determine when a room is unoccupied and the system can be customized to notify the staff when the room is empty so they can prepare the room for the next patient.
  • Maxxess can uniquely install operational terminals at nurse’s station that can be used for IT support, equipment support, maintenance, etc. In turn, those terminals can be linked to hospital databases, including HR, to provide policy-driven information for the healthcare facility.
  • Maxxess security systems can be integrated with car park and outpatient systems.
  • eFusion access control systems can be linked to the ambulance narcotics cabinet, pink bag cabinet,* supply cabinet and medicine cabinet.

* Any item or substance that contains blood is put in a pink bag and stored in this cabinet.

Improve security in open areas with patented, powerful tools.

Last year one in three hospitals reported a rise in violence.* Did you ever “feel” that something was wrong? That you were uncomfortable? Maxxess latest innovation, ambit, is designed to capture that sixth sense, that perception of danger and provide as much anticipation time as possible.

The ambit system harnesses our understanding, experience and all of the human senses to make observations, choices and decisions about any situation that we encounter, including anticipating danger.

ambit offers situational awareness, collective intuition, greater incident anticipation and the possibility of pre-emptive response.

ambit empowers staff and creates a sense of community.

With ambit, every staff member can communicate and see something, say something.

It also allows the healthcare facility to provide a shared awareness and perspective of a current important situation to its staff, both in and outside of the facility, enabling rapid and accurate response to all security situations.

ambit extends the enterprise’s security reach beyond the bounds of the facility, dramatically increasing the security coverage throughout the organization, including home nurses and supply chain issues.

The ambit technology opens up a whole new sphere of safety and security intelligent sensing. 

ambit provides heat maps for a clear view of activity in multiple sectors, quickly and intuitively. Conversely, the staff can use ambit to report (and reduce) verbal and physical attacks from patients.

Best of all ambit does not require any new infrastructure and provides HIPPA level privacy.

*Survey from Guardian 8

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Case Study

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