Extending Access Management

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Maxxess is an industry leader in providing cost-effective access control administration and management to the entire facility--including often unsecured interior doors, remote doors, lockers, server cabinets and padlocks--without the need to add wiring or expensive wireless infrastructure or compromise functionality.

Most facilities do not include all doors on secure access control systems because of the high cost, which can run $2,500 or more per door “plus cable & labor.” 

Maxxess partnered with SALTO to provide a solution that integrates our eFusion security management software to the SALTO Data on Card Virtual Network. This integration allows us to add doors at a significantly reduced cost, often as low as $400/reader. 

How does it work?

The Maxxess/SALTO integration eliminates the need to hard-wire the access control system to every door and reader, as well as the need to add expensive wireless infrastructure. Instead, we establish a virtual network of intelligent nodes and super-intelligent hot spots or communication gateways. Battery powered readers are placed at each secondary door. These readers can handle all access information for the door as well as store and update general organizational information and provide specific maintenance information such as battery status to every ID that uses the node.

When an ID credential is presented to the door, the reader reads the door access permissions including time and day of the week from the ID credential, then writes the time-stamped event back to the ID credential (as well as the reader’s battery status). Hundreds of cardholder transactions can be stored on the ID credential.  

The eFusion system software is utilized to configure and modify the cardholder’s door access permissions. These access permissions are placed on the ID credentials through the use of online hot spots located at strategic access points throughout the building. These hot spots read cardholder transaction information from the ID credential and display the event via eFusion monitoring software, while writing any cardholder access permission modifications back to the ID credential.

To insure door access integrity related to cardholders who have lost their ID credential or have been deleted from the system, eFusion writes the lost or deleted cardholder number to every active ID credential presented at a hot spot. This flags every card reader to remove door access permissions for the lost or deleted cardholder. The eFusion system has the ability also to configure a timer that sets a maximum number of hours the cardholder’s door access will be active. This function requires the cardholder to present their ID credential to a hot spot to refresh the door access. 


The tightly integrated Maxxess virtual network allows the customer to manage thousands of doors cost-effectively with one unified system. 

The virtual network automatically indicates low battery, eliminating the need for manual inspection. 

The technology allows the customer to keep original doors and locks in place, making installation fast, self-contained and straightforward, perfect for rapid deployment as new security concerns arise. 

No controllers, power supplies or wiring at the door.

No key or key management costs.

As people move in and out of these secondary rooms, the system re-registers the locks to the new owners. This is ideal for temporary offices, dorms, lockers and other locked areas.

On-site activity reports from Maxxess eFusion


Uses current card population

Simple expansion and installation

Available with mortise or cylindrical locks

Available with exit hardware compatibility

3 AA batteries = 70,000 cycles

Grade 1 Marks USA locking hardware

Deadbolt or privacy button option

Many lever and finish options

Mechanical key override optional

Highly secure RFID technology Mifare, Desfire, EV1, HID iClass