Multi-tenant / Property Management

Cities and counties present a unique security and safety challenge. For the most part, they are open neighborhoods, located over a substantial area with a large number of inhabitants. The safety and security systems need to be multi-functional, protecting residents, visitors, staff, municipal equipment, and the reputation of the area. It must facilitate reporting, communications, crowd control, staff check-in and emergency management. It must include physical security, safety from infectious diseases, identity security, terrorism and a host of concerns that we never really faced before. 

It must involve as many city employees as possible and leverage the instinctive reporting capabilities that only human sensors can provide. When an emergency occurs, the system must be able to ensure that the security networks do not crash and the security staff does not get inundated with information. The system must be designed to facilitate decision-making and turn vast amounts of data into actionable information. 

During an event, the safety and security systems need to record every transaction so that the operators can take advantage of the audit trail and the lessons learned from prior incidents. And to compound the challenge, the safety and security systems need to be priced at a lower cost per area covered than just about any other security application requirement. 

The Challenge:

  • Send our security alerts 
  • Identify suspicious activity
  • Report maintenance problems
  • Relay information about unusual crowd gathering
  • Report infectious diseases
  • Monitor weather forecasts
  • Close areas if necessary
  • Issue employee schedules 
  • Monitor supplies

The Maxxess Solution:

Extend access control throughout the facility easily and cost-effectively

Maxxess provides cost-effective access control administration and management to the entire facility--including often unsecured interior doors, remote doors, office doors, server cabinets, lockers and padlocks--without the need to add wiring or expensive wireless infrastructure or compromise functionality.

Most transportation facilities do not include all doors on secure access control systems because of the high cost, which can run $2,500 or more per door “plus cable & labor.” Maxxess has the capability to add these doors at a significantly lower cost, as low as $400/reader. 

We accomplish this via the integration of our eFusion security management platform to the Salto Data on Card Virtual Network system.

This integration provides a virtual network that uses the ID credential to store the cardholder’s door access permissions and eliminates the need to add expensive wireless infrastructure or hard-wire the access control system to every door and reader.

Integrate with other amusement park systems:

Outlined here is a representative sample of integrations that Maxxess has implemented using its eFusion universal security management platform:

eFusion integrates to Active Directory and provides LDAP and role-based access control for the organization.

eFusion provides support for multi-protocol systems.

The eFusion platform seamlessly integrates access control, time and attendance, ID badging, fire alarm, video and the various silos of responsibility.

eFusion integrates with a number of biometric devices, body scanners, under-vehicle protection systems and vehicle car park control systems.

Maxxess empowers your staff and provides new powerful sensors.

Maxxess systems implement scalable, open controller architecture--from single-point to 64-door controllers that comply with all privacy laws.

Maxxess systems improve overall safety and security by helping the organization institute a see something, say something culture and giving them timely access to actionable information.

Maxxess systems can be used to institute a unique two-way adaptive crisis management program. This program can be tested and improved directly from the security system audit server.

eFusion supports dual-access control systems, in which the second system handles management personnel who want to establish their own access permissions for entry into their area. 

When the eFusion software deletes someone it automatically generates a second check and go to panel to ensure they are gone. This redundancy improves system reliability.

eFusion integrates to VMS systems distributing hot alerts to staff and bringing up the relevant camera so security can visually follow and audit the response.

eFusion integrates to machinery to monitor that the machines are working correctly and if there is a failure the system sends an email to the maintenance staff. In one such application eFusion was programmed to monitor the manufacture of critical processes--diamond-cutting of precision parts. If the process stopped, eFusion gave notice to management and showed the station on a camera feed so that management had instant knowledge of the situation.

Maxxess new innovation, ambit allows management to take the pulse of the organization at any time.

ambit is a security system based on smart mobile devices that can leverage reporting, selective broadcasting, location information, automatic user identity, image collection and transmittal, crowd sourcing and heat mapping.

ambit is cloud based, thus making the system more robust than older analog systems.

Maxxess systems integrate with relevant personnel programs, such as:

  • Safety Certification verification
  • Drug /alcohol screening confirmation
  • Mustering
  • Remote verification 
  • Asset management

Maxxess technology can help government organizations facilitate a see something, say something culture in their facilities.

Our systems have been used to improve workforce coordination. We are one of the few security system manufacturers who can speak of ROI rather than cost of implementation.

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